05 February 2011

Totally Talented Thursday Rocked!

Totally Talented Thursday went off with a success and now we are looking for our next venue

Our candle supplies came in finally, so we are going to start testing those Monday.  With that in mind every purchase will soon be accompanied with one or two massage tarts.

A candle tart is a mold of wax that is wick free.  Now that probably just confused someone, but don't worry!  Our tarts, filled with scented massage delight, are still usable!

Glass and stone 'oil burners' are perfect for melting candle tarts.  You place the tart in the bowl of the oil burner, and place a tea light in the base.  It melts the tart and if you have a nifty one you can lift the warmed bowl and use the melted wax (our tarts at least) to give someone a massage, or moisturize your hands.

As we work more with soy wax and turning it into a massage candle we'll post.

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