19 February 2011

Updated with Cookies!

Yummy Yummy!  More cookies are listed on etsy, and of course no photo shoot isn't complete with out eating several cookies, I just couldn't get enough of the Mexican Wedding Cakes!

I also updated Deviant Art!  And the candle project is coming along well, Just need to learn how to get smooth tops (can't seem to do that at all) but the massage part of the candles is wonderful.  I love how the massage lotion moisturizes and firms my hands, something needed after baking lots of cookies :)

Don't feel shy to contact us about catering events in the general Moreno Valley/Beaumont/Riverside area of California, as well as shipping cookies all over America, we have had several successful stories from shipping to Chicago and New York.

12 February 2011

Cookie Making Fun!

Past two days, and continuing into today we have been making cookies for the Friends of Beaumont Library and a private birthday party!

From Chocolate Dipped Meringues to Florentines to Mocha Cookies (majority of which is CHOCOLATE! 28 oz of chocolate required for ONE batch!) some Pfeffernusse, Tart Cookies (with a delicious red currant center), and checkerboards (nifty little vanilla and chocolate cookie, reminiscent of a chess or checkerboard).  Not to mention, my personal favorites of Meltaways and Cappuccino Fudge Cupcakes!  Yummy!

We are also experimenting with Mexican Pastilitos (Wedding Cakes) and have decided they need some more dimension to their creamy selves, and will try the addition of chopped almonds, and soon I will be rolling out a buttery dough to make eloquent and mouth-watering cream wafers.  Also, we are going to start playing with fondant!  YES!

Our candles are doing well, still learning the amount of scent needed, and pouring temperature.  Got a bit anxious (oops) and the candles we poured the other day aren't as smooth on top as we like, but they are delicious and and are great moisturizers (definitely a plus after a day of cooking!)

As always, we are experimenting away, and we hope our top-dog (Miss. Nancy, mother, Child Librarian, and friend) gets over her cold soon.

Keep on eye on our Etsy, we are adding more to it frequently, and if you live in Riverside, we will happily cater cookies and cakes to your events!

09 February 2011

Etsy Updated! Candles are making head-way

It has taken a while, but Etsy is getting more and more up-to-date on our available products!

Also, we have started our candles!  After a minor mistake with fragrance oils, we believe we know the correct mix, just need to burn a few samples!  The massage aspect of our candles are quite delightful though, grape seed oil is a fantastic moisturizer and skin toner.

Also looking for new future venues!  Keep an eye out for our cookies in the general Riverside county, as well as our Celtic Knots and soon to be candles.

Thanks for visiting :)

05 February 2011

Totally Talented Thursday Rocked!

Totally Talented Thursday went off with a success and now we are looking for our next venue

Our candle supplies came in finally, so we are going to start testing those Monday.  With that in mind every purchase will soon be accompanied with one or two massage tarts.

A candle tart is a mold of wax that is wick free.  Now that probably just confused someone, but don't worry!  Our tarts, filled with scented massage delight, are still usable!

Glass and stone 'oil burners' are perfect for melting candle tarts.  You place the tart in the bowl of the oil burner, and place a tea light in the base.  It melts the tart and if you have a nifty one you can lift the warmed bowl and use the melted wax (our tarts at least) to give someone a massage, or moisturize your hands.

As we work more with soy wax and turning it into a massage candle we'll post.

01 February 2011

Celtic themed painted boxes for sale!

Check out our Etsy shop to see more details. Boxes so far range from $10-15, with FREE shipping anywhere in the United States!

These boxes are hand painted, unique and perfect for holding small trinkets, sweets, and loose change as well as gifts for loved ones.

Look for us on:

Thanks for stopping by!

31 January 2011

Preparing for Totally Talanted Thursday

Totally Talented Thursday @
Beaumont Library District
125 E. 8th Street
Beaumont, CA 92223

We're looking forward to our first venue! Deirdre is crafting all sorts of beautiful earrings, Celtic knotted boxes and totes, as well as (from what we gather) journals and frames! Rozalyn is busy working on her aprons, perfecting them for Thursday and I, Mary, am making sure our internet venues are getting pieced together.

Please join us Thursday, where we are helping the Friends of the Library raise more money after state budget cuts. Refreshments are also going to be provided, so be sure to come and sample our gourmet home-made sweets!

Pictures of progress, and library set up will be being posted soon!

And don't forget to check out out websites:

29 January 2011


Welcome to DeRozMa Originals!

DeRozMa is brought to you by the sisters Deirdre and Rozalyn and friend Mary.  Everything sold is hand crafted by us, and we strive to make sure quality is number one priority.

Everything we create we find in United States supporting stores, and keep it true to the people who made it possible for us to create and craft with our supplies.

Here you can find more about the designers, our products, and where to buy them as well as future fairs and festivals we are attending, and future ideas.

Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate your interest!