12 February 2011

Cookie Making Fun!

Past two days, and continuing into today we have been making cookies for the Friends of Beaumont Library and a private birthday party!

From Chocolate Dipped Meringues to Florentines to Mocha Cookies (majority of which is CHOCOLATE! 28 oz of chocolate required for ONE batch!) some Pfeffernusse, Tart Cookies (with a delicious red currant center), and checkerboards (nifty little vanilla and chocolate cookie, reminiscent of a chess or checkerboard).  Not to mention, my personal favorites of Meltaways and Cappuccino Fudge Cupcakes!  Yummy!

We are also experimenting with Mexican Pastilitos (Wedding Cakes) and have decided they need some more dimension to their creamy selves, and will try the addition of chopped almonds, and soon I will be rolling out a buttery dough to make eloquent and mouth-watering cream wafers.  Also, we are going to start playing with fondant!  YES!

Our candles are doing well, still learning the amount of scent needed, and pouring temperature.  Got a bit anxious (oops) and the candles we poured the other day aren't as smooth on top as we like, but they are delicious and and are great moisturizers (definitely a plus after a day of cooking!)

As always, we are experimenting away, and we hope our top-dog (Miss. Nancy, mother, Child Librarian, and friend) gets over her cold soon.

Keep on eye on our Etsy, we are adding more to it frequently, and if you live in Riverside, we will happily cater cookies and cakes to your events!

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